Pop up Covid-19 testing at Avondale Racing during August:

Avondale Jockey Club agreed last Thursday (19th August) to set up a vehicle pop up testing station for the Covid-19 Auckland cluster testing, while the country is at level 4 Lockdown.  With Avondale College affected and cases being reported in our local community – and the government expecting a rapid rise of Delta infections, we are happy to be of help to West Auckland residents.

The club has a history of being used in times of national need.  For instance the housing and training of troops during war time, and as a place where community members have a place to come together for various activities – to shop, run markets and play sport.

Tracey Berkahn, the AJC president, said “Our club was keen to accommodate the MOH plan to increase pop up testing capacity near Avondale College.  We moved quickly to configure a vehicle flow through the open space on the AJC site.  Since Friday cars have been entering through the main gate at Elm Street, then exiting onto Ash Street after going through the testing station.”

As shown above, the queue of cars for people looking to get tested on Friday was lengthy!



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