New running Rail

AJC Racing Manager, Richard Pridham, is looking forward to leaning on the new plastic running rail that is to be installed on the Avondale track. In announcing the development Richard Pridham said “Avondale members will be pleased to hear that what has been a stop-start project is going to see delivery from Australia this month (February) and installation compete by end of March.

The rail, which is costing about $110,000 to produce and install, was largely funded by the club, with significant assistance from the Racing Safety Development Fund and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc.

“The rail will bring the track infrastructure up to the highest standard, consistent then with the quality of our turf track” said the racing manager. “We have had a good relationship with Simtrack – the manufacturer in Australia – and their product is good – it will be great to be using a running rail that is designed to break away and collapse when a horse or rider fall into it.”


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