New GM appointed to Avondale Jockey Club

Manny Boyack has been appointed General Manager of Avondale Jockey Club.

Mr Boyack, an accomplished senior manager with over 20 years’ experience, brings a wealth of skills to the position, including operations management, strategic planning and deal making.  He was previously Managing Director for one of New Zealand’s largest importers and distributors of ceramic tiles and solid stone and after that led the New Zealand-based commercial affairs of China’s largest State-owned steel corporations across several industries and sectors.  Manny was born in the Wairarapa and raised in Wellington before moving to Auckland in 2011.

In stepping into a new GM role, Manny returns to the club after holding the position of AJC Development Manager several years ago.  At that time the club, in concert with NZTR,  was looking to redevelop the equine facilities at Avondale.  The redevelopment project was supervised by the late Campbell Moncur (then Deputy Chief Executive of NZTR) and petered out following the departure of NZTR CEO Greg Purcell.

Manny was appointed in December 2022 and took up his role when AJC re-opened in January 2023.

Announcing the appointment, AJC’s President Tracey Berkahn said: “We are excited to welcome Manny Boyack back to Avondale Racing – someone who has previous experience as its former Development Manager and knows many AJC members.  I am confident that Mr Boyack is the right person to lead our members and the club through the next stages of development.  It’s a challenging environment when the venue isn’t wanted and can probably be described as the targeted “cash cow” for racing’s future.  Mr Boyack plans to work closely with our members, continue the Committee’s work to grow non-racing revenue, and drive a process intended to see the club broaden its community focus in west Auckland through service delivery and innovation.”



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